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Dreadlock Extensions: The Ultimate Guide

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Embrace your natural look with our dreadlock extensions

We make handmade customized dreadlock extensions that are made from human hair. You can wash your head also you can fix it on your head as per extensions. The dreads  extensions are handmade with 100% human hair, for that reason our extensions can be bleached as well as colored. We provide a range of dreadlock extensions to accommodate a person's hair structure and also shade. Tradition locs are grown utilizing a special method that makes them look sensible, light-weight, simple to install, and also long-lasting for long life. Our expansions can be added to existing Textured Locs for size or fixings. So if you're a person that wishes to quickly start your loc journey by missing the beginning stages of growing all natural locs with standard Coil Tip, faux locs crochet, please consider picking Heritage Locs.


Gurudreads provide premium dreadlocks hair extensions for women. These locs extensions are premium and good looking giving you attractive looks for your personality. The secret to keeping your all-natural dreadlocks looking excellent is to embellish the tips periodically. I recommend embellishing them annually if you intend to wear them in a bohemian and also trendy style.


Generally, two types of dreadlocks hair extensions can be used to create dreadlocks:

Temporary hair dreadlocks:

Synthetic or wool hair is typically used in temporary dreadlocks and is easily removed. You can try out the look without committing to permanent dreadlocks maintenance with these.

Synthetic Hair Dreadlocks:

In general, synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair because it is made of synthetic fibers. In terms of durability and maintenance, synthetic hair dreadlocks may not perform as well as human hair dreadlocks.

Wool Hair Dreadlocks:

Wool dreadlocks are popular among those who want something temporary or low-maintenance. Unlike human or synthetic hair dreadlocks, wool dreadlocks can be easily removed.

Permanent Hair Dreadlocks:

A permanent dreadlocks extensions is a long-term hairstyle made from synthetic (Marley hair) or human hair. To keep their appearance clean and healthy, these dreadlocks require regular maintenance, such as retwisting and moisturizing.

Human Hair Dreadlocks:

Dreadlocks are most commonly made with human hair. Just like natural hair, it can be styled and maintained.

Marley Hair Dreadlocks:

A blend of synthetic and human hair is used to create Marley hair, which is specifically designed for dreadlocks extensions. Those who prefer a natural dreadlock look without growing them out often choose it.



  1. A permanent locs is a great choice for those who do not want to wait to grow out their natural hair.
  2. If you have thin or fine hair, they can add volume and thickness.
  3. In terms of hairstyles, they can be styled in a variety of ways.


  1. Installation and maintenance are expensive, as they require regular touch-ups to stay neat.
  2. A poorly installed or maintained braiding or styling process can cause a lot of tension in the hair.
  3. If extensions do not blend seamlessly with natural hair, they may be obvious.
  4. Removing them may require cutting the natural hair, as they are braided into it


Gurudreads provide premium dreadlocks for women's hair extensions. These locs are premium and good looking giving you attractive looks for your personality. The secret to keeping your all-natural dreadlocks looking excellent is to embellish the tips periodically. I recommend embellishing them annually if you intend to wear them in a bohemian and also trendy style. Decorating the brush pointers of your dreadlocks is an outstanding selection sometimes after a creation. The strategy consists of adding genuine hair to the suggestions of the dreadlocks to give them volume and also enhance them. Dreadlock crochet hooks (0.6 mm to 0.8 mm) are used to develop the crochet strategy. You can discover these very small dreadlock crochet hooks in your neighborhood craft shops at here. Wash your hair with a residue-free hair shampoo. Do not make use of conditioner to make it simpler to fear. Allow it completely dry. Section your hair according to the lock dimension of your option starting from the neck, developing a square at the base. Once the hair has been sectioned, backcomb the hair up. Position your dreadlock crochet hook between the hairs as well as pull. See to it the hair is dry or else the crochet approach won't work. Crocheting is a fantastic approach for both distinctive as well as straight hair. If you wish to accomplish that instantaneous appearance of mature dreadlocks, after that this is for you.


Here are the steps you need to follow to install dreads extensions:

  1. Choosing locs extensions is the first step. For a more natural look, you can choose single-ended or double-ended dreadlock extensions.

  2. Next, use elastics to separate your hair into sections. You will find braiding the extensions easier if you do this.

  3. Use elastics to hold the sections of hair together and use a comb to separate them. It will help you braid neatly and neatly.

  4. To help the hair get through the loop on the dreadlock extension, use clips to hold the hair in place.

  5. It is recommended that you wear the extensions for at least three months before removing them. If you wish to keep them in for a longer period, you can remove them, wash the hair, and re-braid them.

  6. Using single-ended extensions and cutting the loop at the top of each extension will make the extensions permanent. This will make it easier for the extensions to blend in with your natural hair.


Cleaning the locs extensions is crucial not only for removing the deposits but likewise it prevents matting. Yet excessive washing can be unsafe as it will dry your scalp, so be wise and adequate to care for your skin. Dry your hair extensively after every wash. Please stay clear of warm direct exposure to the locs and let them fry in the natural air. To stay clear of wetness buildup, guarantee your locs are extensively dried before sleep. Stay away from damp locs, as they can accumulate unneeded moisture.


Yes, dreads can be wet! You can do anything you would normally do, consisting of swimming and also bathing. If you swim in a chlorine pool, rinse the chlorine out later.
If you just obtained your fears, the solution is somewhat different. Stay clear of obtaining your hair wet or cleaning it with any items in the initial 2 to four weeks, as you may loosen up some hairs and adversely affect the cool look of your dreads.
When concerning a month has passed, you are free to clean your fears as required. Many people with dreadlocks clean their hair only two or 3 times each month because the hairstyle does not require as much maintenance. It is necessary to utilize all-natural shampoo and pat dry to avoid drawing hairs out of the locks.


A dreadlock hair extension doesn't grow any more or less than if you have a head of complete dreadlocks. Your hair will keep expanding at the scalp and can immediately marry into your existing locs, specifically if you palm rolls them at the roots or use a securing item. Otherwise, getting some dreadlock upkeep will allow you to have your loosened hair knotted right into your fear locks. Either way, the length of your dreddies expands. A few of our customers have located that growth is slower than they wished for, so they have us put in a 2nd great deal of dreadlocks with extensions, specifically if they began with extremely brief dreads in the first place. Once more, your hair type plays a role. Some individuals' hair grows crazy quickly. This can be wonderful if you want stacks of length, yet it can imply you will obtain tidy-ups much more often to tame it!